Sports Who? Boobs What?


I’m Ashanti. Editor-In-Chief of Sports and Boobs, and THIS is American Idol!

Wait, no. Sorry. Let’s start again.

My name is Ashanti, I’m a Midwestern gal who has a background in Computer Graphics as well as Marine Mammal Husbandry, but more than anything I’m a die-hard sports bleeder and my ties lie heavy in Chicago. Sports and Boobs is a site that I started in 1999 to just talk about the stories/games of the week from my perspective, I didn’t want to just be cut-and-dry because where’s the fun in that?

I’m 100% sarcasm, I’ve been compared to Tina Fey and that was from a homeless person who hadn’t even seen my writing. I am a freelance writer, owner of this site as well as an active contributor to Aerys Sports’ NFL section, Windy City Sweetness. I’m also a small online bakery owner that was recently chosen to be featured at the 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Many people have seen the Sports and Boobs name on Twitter and thought “You need more boobs!”, yes I know it feels like a letdown when you get here and realize it’s all sports and not a drop of breasts to be seen but that’s what I’d like to dispel:that women are one-dimensional. We have more to offer you than just the assets we were born with, in my case it’s my writing. Whether it’s discussing the latest in the NFL or local high school Prep Sports my aim is to bring it to you without all the stiff collar tones you’d get from other outlets.

I also don’t do sports gossip, sorry but I’m not that type of woman and if that’s something you’re here for then I wish you well in your search. There’s always TMZ Sports.

Also along for the ride is Wayne Evans, newest contributor to the site. Also a guy, so there will be a bit of balance. My girly yin to his manly yang. Definitely stick around for what he has to say and it is quite a mouthful!

Comments/Suggestions(or if you just wanna keep me posted on must-have products at Sephora because that is my church)? Email me at


2 responses to “Sports Who? Boobs What?

  1. S

    Great blog girl! Love it! It’s refreshing to meet other women out there who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to sports! I ran across your blog from twitter, and I’m glad I did! I look forward to reading your work! =)
    -S from

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